About the Founder of MFW Wood Fence Restoration and Preservation

Larry Jones brings


Miracle Fence Works Wood Fence Restoration service is based on scientific Preservation Technology.   Adapted for wood fences by Founder, Larry D. Jones.r     To view Mr. Jones's credentials, visit his LinkedIn profile    www.linkedin.com/pub/larry-d-jones/14/874/64b/  

University of Oklahoma, 1959-62

USNR 1959-65  

Graduate, Oklahoma State University, 1967 

Pioneered new method of Astroturf cleaning at SuperBowl XIII, 1974 

Completed 1981 NYC RESTORE School 

1983-84 Restoration of the Astrodome 

Other projects include the San Jacinto Monument, the Texas State Capitol, and the Transco Tower Waterwall.

Now, the same quality of service is available for your Wood Fence Repair and Preservation in Houston.

Stunningly beautiful results.  Wood decks also.  

Preservation Technology


Invited speaker for the Association of Preservation Technology International (APT) Conferences in Toronto 1984, Montreal 1990, and in Denver 2010, the latter two times for  his shocking and court-tested exposure of "The Evolution of Doomed Practices”.

 National Director of CSI, The Construction Specifications Institute, 1991-93. 

 A Principal author of ASTM STP 935, Cleaning Stone and Masonry, still ASTM's  signal work on the topic. 

Author of the book, The Trilogy of Exterior Masonry Preservation which highlights "The Evolution of Doomed Practices", and other self-developed construction and preservation innovations.  

to Wood Fences & Decks


Guest Speaker for the Texas State Historical Commission Mainstreet Program.  Author of the book A Bill of Rights for Masonry Structures, which boils the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Preservation, as related to masonry constructions, down to ten easy to understand basic rights.  The book is written in the voice of the structure, if only it had one.   A "must" for every SHPO.

This expertise has now been focused on the problems of wood fencing and decks.  Field testing began in 2008.  

Conclusions: Wood fencing and decks need not fade, warp, and discolor almost immediately as a result of wet-dry cycles and UV degradation.  Thus, a perpetually beautiful fence can be yours !

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