More about Wood Fence Restoration

A tale of two fences .. both 15 years old


Yes, it possible to restore a tired old fence to beautiful new life. Beauty that will last 5 to 10 years, warranted absolutely for 5 years.   This one is after an upgrade - the new  lattice work top.  Restoration included adding  a needed mid rail which is lacking on the fence pictured on the far right.   

A "new" fence less than a year old


This is "new" fence less than one year old, unprotected PT Pine.  Notice the pickets warping and bowing in and out, and a whole section failed.  Fences built with nails and staples are prone to loosening by the cycles of rain and sun which cause cycles of  expansion and contraction.

Such a new fence needs Wood Fence Repair and Preservation.  If older, we call it Wood Fence Restoration.   We also provide Wood Deck Refinishing and Preservation.  Now available in Houston.  

A new fence after three years


This is a three year old "new" fence.  How quickly the unprotected  "new wood look" fades.   With the fading comes warping and wood rot.  The MFW process can protect and preserve the fence when new, and  a fence such as this one can be restored and preserved to look like the fence far left, lower.

Water absorption is thy enemy


The UV rays of sunlight and water soak are "wood fence killers". The lighter sections of wood on the left are dry.  The darker sections on the right and upper are wet.  The darkening of any porous surface is visual evidence of water having soaked into the surface.   For fence wood, this causes endless cycles of expansion and contraction, warping and bowing, loosening of nails and staples, the transport of surface contaminants into the structure of the wood, and creates an environment for growth of fungus, and a haven for destructive insects.   

The function of a "wood stain"


By definition, a "stain" is going to artificially change the color of the wood by depositing pigments into the structure of the wood.  

  The result is irreversible damage to the wood and provides no protection against the agents of wood decay - water and sunlight. 

Even worse, as sunlight degrades the surface elements of the stain, the appearance becomes blotchy, faded, irregular, and unnatural. Re-staining will only compound the problem.

Why not just paint the fence?


For starters, paint creates a continuous film over the surface, covering everything.  The look of wood is lost. 

Next, the paint will begin to degrade, peel and flake before too long.  Do you want to be scraping, sanding and repainting the fence every couple of years or so? 

Even worse, the paint will trap water beneath the surface, accelerating  wood rot and pestilence growth.  Painting is irreversible damage for an exterior wood fence or deck.

Why not just wash and bleach it?


That dull grey, black or green outer layer of the wood on your fence or deck is called the patina.   Ugly as it may be, it serves a purpose in the protection of the good wood underneath.  

Remove the patina, do nothing else, and the rate of decay will accelerate.  Using bleach is even worse, as the bleach actually attacks  wood cellulose. 

Power washing and waterblasting also have the potential for severe damage if improper pressures and nozzle patterns are used.  

Rotted wood posts lead to leaning and fallen fences


The 4x4 wood posts on these fallen sections had all eroded to a core about the size of a 1x2 at ground line when a wind burst toppled them over. 

 The red color is a "stain" or "paint" perhaps intended to make it look like redwood.  Faded to pink as it is, the residual pigment cannot be removed without destruction of the wood. 

 A fallen fence often can be restored to sturdy upright posture with our proprietary TPost system. 

A few years of "New" and 20 years of old, tired, and ugly.


How fresh the new fencing on the left and how dismal the old fencing on the right.  A new wood fence will cost between $20 and $35 per linear foot, but will look "new" for two years at best. 

MFW Preservation when new will keep it looking "better than new" for five years, guaranteed.  

Perpetual Care service will keep it sound and attractive - indefinitely - with annual maintenance and preservative rejuvenation.