These are examples of Wood Fence Beautification

Edna F (Enchanted Valley)



Edna F  Rating 5.0 Excellent

My picket fence was green and black and literally on the groind in places. Two of the three gates were non-functional.     Drab and worse was a good description, but the fence was more than 25 years old.   

But, just look at it now!   Strong, good looking, and the gates all close and latch with ease.   When it rains, the  finish color remains the same, meaning that water is being repelled .

Would highly recommend to anyone with a wood fence of any age or condition. 


Kyrn R (Copperfield)


 · Kyrn R. Rating 5.0 Excellent

I had a new fence on the right side of my yard and to the left (see phoyo) was existing when I moved into the house 10 years ago. He treated the old and new fence and now it all looks new and uniform.

 I thought I would have to replace the deck. It was in such bad shape. It looks almost new, now. I will be able to get many more years out of the deck and fencing. 


Father John (St. Maximilian Kolbd Catholic Church Rectory



· Johkha T. Rating 5.0 Excellent


· Excellent work! Thank you for restoring my fence to almost like new one! Fr. John Kha Tran St. Maximilian Kolbe Church.



Sha Y



Sha Y.  Rating 5.0 Excellent 

Larry was very punctual and the work is great quality for the price!! I will definitely hire them again!

Marshall H. (Oak Forest)


· Marshall H. Rating 5.0 Excellent

Their customer service and courtesy was outstanding. Something you don’t see in this industry very often. He was very communicative and showed up when he said he would show up. I can’t wait to have another fence project, so I can hire him again.



Sheilla D


· Sheilla D. Rating 5.0 Excellent

Everything went great. We are very pleased with the results and will use Miracle Fence again when we need repairs.




Rebuild - Repair and Refinish the fence you already have.


Great Dollar $avings and a big PLUS for Ecology - Save Trees, Save Landfill !

But wait, there is more - A new fence will probably cost twice as much, be done with nails and will begin fading, warping, and decaying in the first year.

Meanwhile, your MFW Rebuilt fence will be repaired with coated deck screws, "good wood" restored, appearance enhanced, and preserved against fade, warp, and decay.  Five Year Warranty on the finish.  Structure too, if we service both sides of the fence.     


Even if Leaning or DOWN, a fence can be saved !


We have proprietary methods for repairing fences that are leaning or even down.

If you opt for a new fence, you will be paying for tearing down and hauling off the  old fence, then the cost of a new fence - at the "cost" of a whole bunch of trees that take at least 20 years to reach harvesting maturity. 

Even worse, that new fence, so fresh at first will fade and warp to old and grey in just a few years - nailed pickets loose from wind and cycles of wet and dry,  

Decks too !


This deck was restored and refinished with the MFW process. 

Any outdoors wood - fencing, decks, etc can all benefit from the MFW process and retain the beauty that inspired their original construction. 

Staging a home for sale


A fence says a lot about a home for sale.   Either the first impression if seen from the curb - or the deal maker or killer when they step out into the backyard.   This one had two leaning sections and a drab appearance with loose ickets, etc.   

And After


The fences were straightened up, stronger than ever,   The fence skirted around a big tree that took over the fence line - and this little garden corner, so inviting with the "look" of new wood.  Same wood, restored and preserved with the MFW process.   Customer was placing the house on the market and our Wood Fence Beautification, which began with Wood Fence Restoration, added value to the property. Happened in the Heights area of Houston.

Resurrection of a 25 year old fence in Enchanted Valley


This picket fence was thought to be "dead", literally on the ground in places with gates that didn't close.   Now the fence has a beautiful new lease on life! See it on your way to Swimming pool ..  Wood fence Beautification begins with Wood Fence Restoration. 

Decks, too.


Beautiful Decks and Fences Forever can be yours .

Fences can be warranted for five years, but decks require annual service.

The Process


A 15 year old fence:  [1] weathered surface, [2] same surface after restoration to good wood, and [3] after application of preservative which both enhances appearance and protects.

The Five Year No-fade Guarantee


Finished wood is guaranteed to retain its "gold/beige" coloration for five full years.    Easy to observe witness marks are left at each  end of the fence.  

The effect on new wood


The top rail is new PTP (Pressure-Treated Pine) and the pickets are new cedar.   The upper diagonal is treated, the lower diagonal is not.   Notice that the treated coloration is different.  The preservative treatment "pulls out" the natural color of the wood within. 

The effect on older red cedar


Notice that the treated color reflects the "red" of red cedar, weathered as it was. The treated portion was first "restored" to good wood. 

Even wood deck equipment


You cannot really see it, but the wood frame of this aquarium, the base under it, and the canopy over it are four years old.   And, after being subjected to the MFW process, they still look great despite, water splash, plants growing on it, and exposure to the elements, it sits on a patio..