Wood Fence Restoration prolongs the life of a wood fence and adds value.


It is Preservation Technology

Adapted for wood fencing by MFW Founder, Larry D. Jones, is a noted ASTM author, speaker at International Preservation conferences,  former National  CSI Director, consultant to the Texas Historic Commision Main Street Program, and  Manager of the LinkedIn.com "Exterior Wood Preservation" Discussion Group.

Associated also with projects including the Transco Tower Waterwall, Lamar High School, Astrodome Restoration, San Jacinto Monument, Texas State Capitol,  and the old Reading Train Terminal in Philadelphia.  

Engaged by owners and architects to developed innovative remedies for "new-construction failures" for numerous projects including The Galleria, One Main Center in Austin, and American Airlines World Hdqs at DFW.   Author of "A Basic Bill of Rights for Masonry Structures".

Restoration includes "good wood" and repairs

We safely restore the "good wood", removing dead wood cells, dirt, fungus. etc  - revealing the true beauty of the underlying wood.   Broken or severely decayed pickets and rails are replaced.  All loose pickets are re-secured with coated deck screws. 

Restoration solves the "neighbor fence" problem

Because all or part of your fencing has a co-owner - your neighbor(s)  - you will need their cooperation if you want to replace the fence.  A typical new fence replacement of similar design will likely cost $30 to $40 per linear foot. More than $10,000 for a 300 lf fence.  Good luck, huh?   This is the "neighbor fence" problem.    Well, we have the solution for you - "JUST DO YOUR SIDE".  It can be done typically for 1/3 the cost of a new fence, maybe less, depending on needed repairs. 

Restoration means Vertical Stabilization

The cure for a leaning fence.  There are several reasons for why a section of a fence is leaning and each has a different cure.  

Balky Gates and Lifetime Adjustments

There is nothing more aggravating than a balky or broken gate.   Restoration includes repair and adjustment to leave your gate closing and latching with ease.  If needed, we will build you a new gate.  Best of all, once we restore your fence and gate(s), we provide  LIFETIME GATE ADJUSTMENT - there are many reasons why gate will later need it, including shifting soil conditions. 

Preservation - "Old to Gold for Years Untold"

Not a stain or paint, it is Preservative process which enhances the natural color of the wood and protects it from fading and warping for many years.    Even better, the finish and protection can be "rejuvenated" every few years at nominal cost (no onerous surface prep required) and this will keep your fence looking sharp, indefinitely !

RESTORATION COST:  Typically about 1/3 the cost (maybe less) of a new replacement fence of similar design.  

For no cost or obligation consultation, contact Larry D. Jones at LDJones59 @Yahoo.com or call 844-744-4050.