Free Gate Adjustment

Recognize this Prominent Fence?

Free Gate Adjustment, if you do !

There is little in life more aggravating than a balky gate.   Identify the fence above and we will adjust your worst wood gate to open and close easily.

And if we restore your fence and gates, you get a LIFETIME warranty for gate adjustments, if ever needed. 


Wood Fence Restoration and Preservation

Not a paint or stain, it is Preservation

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MFW Wood Fence Restoration is Preservation Technology

Developed by MFW Founder Larry D. Jones Noted ASTM Author, Past National CSI Director


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Wood Fence Restoration & Preservation - Like New Again !

Not a paint or stain, less than a third the cost of a new fence, will look great many times more !

Most people will think you built a new fence !


Wood Fence Restoration is Wood Fence Beautification.   And, it begins with Wood Fence Repair. Houston. We take your old and grey wood and give you a natural wood Gold - lasts for years untold.    13 years and counting on 2006 field test projects.  Not a stain or paint, we restore the good wood, and  our proprietary process "pulls out" the original natural color and preserves it against fade for many years.    


Vertical Stabilization , we call it !

One unit of our Vertical Stabilization will compensate for 2 to 4 bad posts.

All a part of Wood Fence Restoration and Preservation.  


Not a "handyman" or Painting service - it is Restoration !!

Based on Preservation Technology

Recent Projects

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Miracle Fence Works LLC

Even a Fence down


A fence as ugly and old - even knocked down like this one - "might" be able to be economically  REBUILT and Preserved to a Beautiful new life, utilizing MFW technology.       

The high cost of a new wood fence is bad enough, but the "new" of a new wood fence quickly  fades and warps - and you are left with a fence that will be an "eyesore" and worse for many years to come.  

A new fence will be unattractive and in a state of disrepair for more than 80% of its existence.    

Better to let MFW REBUILD and PRESERVE the fence that you already have, it may be possible even for a very old fence, maybe one on the ground.  If it is, it will be warranted for five years 

Yes, your fence just might be "too far gone" to REBUILD, but maybe not .. let's check it out.  


Restored and Preserved


Faded, old, and dried out grey wood fencing, such as on the left side of the above image, can be transformed into the enduring  beauty of "finished wood" as shown on the right side.    A saw-cut across such old and faded wood often reveals a healthy interior.   

Such wood can be restored, removing surface contaminates and dead wood cells before the MFW preservative enhances and protects the beauty and integrity of the wood.   

Where both sides of a fence section are serviced, both the finish and structural integrity of the fence are warranted for five years, and the warranty can be renewed every five years, resulting in a "Perpetual Fence" always attractive with structural repairs made as needed

by MFW as part of the Warranty - a picket fix, a lean, a sag, even a knockdown.       

Where only one side can be serviced, the five year warranty is restricted to to the finish of the wood on the side which is serviced.

A Deck this pretty


Wood Decks, too.   This deck and the  surrounding wood fence exhibit a fresh, beautiful and relaxing look, keeping the deck an attractive source of pride and relaxation with ANNUAL SERVICE from MFW.  

Decks require ANNUAL SERVICE  and more attention than does wood fencing.  This is due to the abrasion of foot traffic, water accumulation, and the direct angle of UV sunlight rays. 

You recognize that the yard and garden require periodic service  to keep them healthy and attractive, and so does your deck.  

Other outdoor natural wood structures, such as elevated decks and playhouses, can benefit from the MFW program. 





The process begins with the expertise of the Founder and application of the Principles of Preservation Technology.

  Larry D. Jones is recognized by ASTM as a primary author of STP 935 Cleaning Stone and Masonry, is the author of A Bill of Rights for Masonry Structures, and has been a featured speaker  at APT International Preservation Conferences in Toronto, Montreal, and Denver.  

These same principles have been applied to the ongoing plight and dilemma of the rapid decay of wood fencing and decks.

The Preservative is not a stain or paint.  But, it does "pull out" and enhance the natural color of the wood.  Yet, it does not "cover it over", and the natural grain and beauty of the wood is still visble.  



Decayed wood is aesthetically unpleasing to the eye, an economic waste, and it is an eco-system insult. 

It takes Mother nature at least 20 years to grow replacement timber to "harvesting maturity" with sufficient rain and sunshine,  but only a few years to render it old and ugly by means of those same agents of decay - rain and sunlight.  

The MFW process carefully plans restoration repairs, surface restoration, and a Preservative blend to maximize and protect the  beauty and integrity of the wood from the ravages of rain and sun - as can be seen in the "before and after" image above - a 15 year old fence.


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The images on this page tell the story. 

The far left Image symbolizes the scientific approach to Restoration and Preservation.   


The middle image illustrates the old, dry, faded, weathered grey condition of wood which has been left to the elements, as can be seen on the left side.  The right side shows the amazing transformation of this same wood, leaving an attractive  "finished wood" appearance.   


The third image, above, incorporates a natural wood deck, wood fencing, and wood planter boxes. That is, decks too.

The MFW Preservation process works to protect the beauty and integrity of the wood against  the damaging and degrading effects of water soak and UV sunlight rays.

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