Preservation Technology used for our Wood Fence Repair and Preservation


Preservation Technology is the basis of our Wood Fence Repair and Preservation service and it begins with Wood Fence Restoration.   The result is long lasting Wood Fence Beautification.  Now in Houston. 

So, what is Preservation Technology ?

Preservation Technology is the scientific methodology and moral philosophy which governs the care and preservation of the historic, valued and irreplaceable structures and sites which make up the fabric of our culture, past and present. 

All matter decays over time.  The secret to longevity is to keep the rate of decay at a low annual rate. This is done by "interventions", that is, actions which will retard the rate of decay.   

Three principles are paramount in making up Preservation Technology:

(1) that any necessary cleaning be done with gentlest means possible, avoiding methods which destroy the very fabric by abrasion or chemical action.


 (2) that any intervention not result in irreversible damage to the fabric of the structure.   

(3) that repairs be made with like materials. 

The Miracle Fence Works process embraces all three principles. 

No abrasives or chemicals are used in the restoration of the sound wood surface.  Further, the Preservative does not cover over the surface, and does allow it to the breathe, and then it very slowly dissipates, returning the wood to its original and natural state - leaving no flaking or residue of paint or other foreign material.  

 The Preservative protects the condition of the wood by protecting it from the ravages of wind, rain, and sun, while enhancing the natural color and grain of the wood. 


 The Miracle Fence Works Preservative has the added advantage of periodic rejuvenation without extensive and onerous surface preparation, nor a complete repetition of the original process.  

Thus, even an ordinary wood fence can be maintained in pristine condition for very long periods of time, even decades, with continuing five year Warranted Service agreements- following the initial service which is warranted for five years.  

The result can be your  beautiful fence, year after year.

Decks too, although a higher degree of annual maintenance is required.

You need never build a new fence again.   We have your back .. and side fence, too.

How long will it last ?


At least five years !

We warrant that the visual effect our Preservation will last at least five years, that is, the treated appearance (left side of the image) will not fade and dissipate back to the faded, grey appearance of the right side.   A visual witness mark is left to allow simple observation of surface appearance and performance.   Warranty extends to structural integrity if we service both sides of the fence.

The preservative can be rejuvenated without onerous procedures, allowing maintenance on five year intervals to keep the fence sound, stout and attractive.     Because of this, the succeeding five year warranted service agreements can be provided for a fraction of the original service.

The five year Warranty includes repair or replacement of structural elements or conditions that may develop in the normal course of fence life such as loose, damaged, warped, bowed or missing pickets, sagging sections, leaning fences, and gates that don't close so good.  

The "Miracle" for your fence is the answer.   We take responsibility for your fence, except for its destruction by natural disaster or other insured calamity.   It looks good all the time, especially when it rains - and your neighbor's fence turns dark and black with absorbed moisture and fungus  - and with twisted, warped, loose, broken, and missing pickets.  And maybe leaning precariously.   

Over a twenty year or more cycle, you will have a beautiful, maintenance free

fence with these advantages:

Save thousands of dollars over the cost of periodic new fence construction. 

And, enjoy Perpetual Beauty (all the time) versus the cycle of periodic new fences - that are faded and ugly more than 80% of the time. 

Your fence says a lot about the perceived value of your home.