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MFW Founder Larry D. Jones is the author of this compelling work,

A Bill of Rights for Masoney Structures, which is written in the voice of the of  structure, if only it had one !

Ten basic Rights, fully explained, which conform to and reflect the established norms of Historic Preservation as reflected by The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Preservation, and the venerable ASTM in its signal work,  STP 935 "Cleaning Stone and Masonry" of which, Larry D. Jones is cited by the Editor as being the author of the paper therein which represents the "state of the art" for the cleaning of stone and masonry.   

 He is also a graduate of the esteemed RESTORE program held annually in NYC and the Preservation laboratories of Columbia University.    His work in this program led to an ASTM invitation to present a paper at the 1983 Louisville Seminar which led to the publication of STP 935.  Only 9 of 19 papers presented in Louisville were selected for publication.

Larry D. Jones was also President of the Houston CSI Chapter, South Central Region Education chairman, and ultimately a three year National Director of CSI, The Construction Specification Institute,  for whom he authored a critical treatise on the use of so-called transparent water repellent surface treatments.  

 Invited three times by APTI, The Association of Preservation Techmnology to deliver technical presentations at annual 

Confereences in Toronto, Montreal, and Denver.   "Specifying Restoration in the Real World", and twice for the electrifying expose on the "Evolution of Doomed Practices"   Invited to accept a position on the APTI Board of Directors at the Calgary Conference in  1982. 

Author of The Trilogy of Historic Masonry Preservation.  Manager of LinkedIn Discussion Groups including  " NYC-Group : Historic Preservation in the New York Metro Region. and "Exterior Wood Preservation"